How to fix Mac Bluetooth audio choppy/skips/cutting out.

The damn quick fix the worked for me for my wireless Bluetooth headphone on MacBook Pro is 1- From System Preferences > Bluetooth, enable showing Bluetooth in menu bar. 2- Then hold down the Options + Shift keys and click on Bluetooth icon in the menu barIt will show Debug menu option 3- Then choose

Install popular Windows application easily with PlayOnLinux

PlayonLinux is a GUI┬áinterface for Wine, which allows you to easily and quickly install Microsoft Windows application and games easily, without the need to have a Windows License, or Windows running on a virtual machine.     You can install popular applications like Itunes, Microsoft Office 2007, Kindle, Apple Safari, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver.  

How to install RSSOwl 2 in Ubuntu 16.04

RSSOwl is one of the best RSS readers with many features. It is not available in Ubuntu 16.04 repositories but can be installed with the following commands. First, install Getdeb repository, then RSSOwl cd /tmp wget sudo apt install /tmp/getdeb* sudo apt update ; apt install rssowl If you RSSOwl don’t open or stop

Multiboot OpenBSD and FreeBSD and restore *BSD boot loader

I ran into a situation where I installed OpenBSD while having FreeBSD installed. OpenBSD overwrite MBR. The fix was simple: Boot from FreeBSD USB/CD, then run boot0cfg to install FreeBSD boot loader on MBR boot0cfg -B ada0 This will restore FreeBSD boot loader and will add OpenBSD to boot loader options, where you choose “F1

How to quickly fix freezing XFCE Panel

If XFCE4 Panel is hanged or you are currently stuck with “Alt-Tab” to switch, a very quick damn solution is to restart the panel with: xfce4-panel -r With your logged user account, and the panel will restart without killing Xorg or closing the current open windows.