Best damn free App for taking screenshots for Mac with edit and sharing options

The best single free damn App for taking screenshots for Mac is Lightshot screenshot.
Why?, easy to take screenshots, image editing tools, many sharing options to upload online & share to social media, free & Ads free.

Long version!
– Easy to take screenshots – just choose “Take Screenshot” in the menu bar, and selection tool will appear to select the part you want to take a screenshot for or just hold down Command + Shift + 9 instead.

– Many edit tools, like adding text, boxes, arrows, lines.

– Sharing options, besides saving the screenshot on your computer, you can upload it online to for free! (which what I love the most about this App) by just clicking the cloud icon on the left. The app uploads the screenshots and provides a link to quickly copy or open online just with one click or share to social media

or even search for similar images by Google! by just clicking g” icon.

– Free & Ads free!


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